Back in February Benefit invited me to their launch of some lovely new duo products in They’re Real range, you can find that post here: But I have finally gotten around to actually testing these products and therefore I have put together a makeup look with a little review of what I think! 

Disclaimer: I am going to state I bought the eyeshadow and the blusher out of my own money, the rest was gifted in a blogger gift bag. 


I had already primed, concealed and put foundation on my face, so next step was to go right in with the duo Eyeshadow in Bombshell Brown. The applicator was a little too big for my tiny eyelids but I love the concept of this product, you just swipe the applicator across the eyeshadow 3 times. Then you swipe across your eyelid I started from the inner corner then outwards, depending on how dark you want this colour you may need to apply another swipe across. I did have to use my finger to wipe away a little mess on the side of my eyelid, but the colour with just 2 swipes I thought was very pretty and this product is great for me when I am on a night out and don’t want to take an actual palette and 2 brushes to blend in. As for the 12-hour wear, I’d say on a hot day like I wore yesterday it lasted about 6-8 hours of me at the beach and wandering around the shops.


Luckily, this was only a sample gift as I could not work out how to get the eyeliner out at all! I even watched youtube videos and twisted like they said and… a … um I kind of broke it… So I had to go and just use my trusty black kohl eyeliner from L’Oreal. 



Next, I used a product I have been after for so many years, the Hervana blusher… Just look at that pretty pink shade! Oh and the blusher managed to stay miraculously looking perfect like I hadn’t touched it even though I had swirled my brush around it several times! #bloggergoals This product was on the pricey side but I call it an investment because it’s so pretty and I will continue to keep and use for years due to its size and ability to build colour.

Benetint- benefit

Somehow, I’d never seen this product before but my gorgeously kind friend Lottie already had the actual size of this so she gave me her sample one to try and I love it! Thanks, Lottie! The colour was so bright and pretty, I was really taken aback when I put this on my bottom lip and could see the comparison. You can use the tint on cheeks too but I had blusher on and also I think I would find it too difficult to blend in because it dries so quickly! That was the one downside I found, it was quite drying on my lips for the hot weather so had to apply lipgloss over the top. But I give top marks for the pretty colour that stayed on my lips nearly all day, even with eating a picnic at the beach!


This was the finished look, I think I like it, it’s my normal day to day look but with whole new products that lasted longer than my average high street products without the tonne of setting powder, I usually have to put on. (I didn’t put any setting powder on as I actually forgot, but turns out I didn’t need too) The products used I have roughly calculated would have cost me £75 if I had all of the full sizes, but they are definitely investment pieces and products I can mix and match for different looks!

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