Kiehl’s isn’t a beauty brand that is one for budget products but as the saying goes you pay for what you get…. OR do you?! I was kindly invited to the Kiehls Welsh Bloggers Christmas Event so, I went with the mission to find out why they are SO highly bloody recommended and WHY that pretty blue bottle is the first thing on my mind when I think of Keihls. 

I went in knowing barely anything about Kiehls, I didn’t know that they were founded in 1851 as a homoeopathic pharmacy in New York. But what I did know was the Midnight Recovery Concentrate was highly recommended. In fact, both Lottie and I treated ourselves to the 30ml bottle. Holly was almost tempted by the cleansing oil as she had seen miraculous results with it. (sounds good, perhaps I’ll have to research that soon!) 

Keihls Mickey Moisturiser and my gingerbread

Let me tell you first a little bit about the event, it was one of those lovely intimate events where we weren’t all crowded in and could actually hear the little introduction talk. We also got to have one-to-one consolations, I didn’t particularly know what I would want consulting on, so I just joined in on another few bloggers consultations. We decorated gingerbread cookies and sipped gorgeous pink mocktails whilst browsing the store at our leisure with no obligation to buy anything. MY KIND OF EVENT! The entirety of the Kiehls Cardiff store is Instagrammable and especially the little gift boxes (well not so little really, but they are super cute) that they had some local art students design with their handles mentioned so you could show some love if you purchased their design. 


Moving on to my favourite new purchase in December so far; the midnight recovery concentrate. It’s been exactly 8 days since I purchased and so far I’d say its worth every penny. And as this is a budget blog I’ve broken it down into my usual price per wear – We were told the 30ml bottle can last between 7-9months depending on if you keep to the “2 drops” so £38/8 = £4.75 per month!!! – Now, I’m yet to test if I can actually get 8 months out of this bottle but I will let you know, but even if it manages 4 months cause I slather it on then – £38/4 = £9.50 per month!! – Even as a budget blogger in South Wales, I can afford that treat to make my skin hydrated and with less visual marks. When I say less visual marks I mean it, I’ve had light red marks from previous mountainous spots and they are slowly fading in only 7 nights of using this product. Over the next couple of weeks, I’m hoping my skin will be hydrated enough to stop using daily and just frequently instead meaning fewer other products I have to buy for morning hydration! 


Do you use a Kiehl’s product daily? OR have I talked you into buying the Midnight Recovery? 

Buy the Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml HERE*

Buy the Midnight Recovery Concentrate 50ml HERE*

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Keihls gifting station with local students art work



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