My London experience to #BLFW


I was so excited and proud of myself when I got offered and accepted to attend the Bloggers Love Fashion Week Event, I almost squealed with delight. It seems to have become a tradition for me around this time of the year, for me to pop on up to London for some kind of Fashion event.

So I tweeted my excitement of going to #BLFW, and there the plan was created to meet a new welsh blogger and get to spend half a day in London, before the event the next day. Tiredly and nervously I hopped onto the coach to be greeted by gorgeous Neesha smiling and waving warmly at me. (you can check out her post take on #BLFW here)

We made it to London a lil late due to Sunday home travelling traffic, but had the biggest exercise yet to come of the year. Taking my suitcase and overfilled handbag up the tube stairs, down them and squeezing onto the tube trying not to loose each other. We arrived in St. Paul’s and what a lovely but bloody noisy place! Do you know that the cathedral chimes every 15 mins before 11pm and then every hour afterwards till 8am (seriously no one needs an alarm clock there!) Kept me awake most the night! Anyways before bed time we went to Oxford Street which I was dying to see again but this time in day light! As like last time it was super busy, like too busy really to shop which was disappointing so shattered us went back to the hotel to chill for a bit, before making our way across the bridge to a lovely spot for drinks and the! most gorgeous chips I have ever tasted! Just saying! I crave them again!



It was such a funny night and a beautiful one I just fell in love with the pretty lights (I have a very odd obsession with liking lights, especially in the distance when I am on the motorway at night!) I got to know Neesha a lot better and was so thankful we got on great and she came with me.


Waking up in the morning I obviously checked all my social media and the BLFW hashtag. Before we went down for a quiet cooked brekkie making our way across the bridge again with two suitcases that annoyingly sounded like a lawn mower across the metal grates! As per usual with me, we arrived mega early so hung outside the OXO tower in one of the little cafe’s and guessed who would be joining the event by what they were wearing. (people watching basically, my fav past time)


To find out what Bloggers love fashion week was like check back tomorrow for that post!


We opted for a big Lunch/Dinner as we wouldn’t be eating again till we got home at the restaurant I believe it was called giraffe it was a really nice. I had pasta and a very odd flat garlic bread but it filled my always hungry tummy! We did leave the event early so we went on the search for a tube station we were sure we saw earlier turns out we both imagined it, but I actually got to see the London Eye right up close and Big Ben!! so for me the long walk and aching arms were worth it, probably not so much for poor Neesha though. But we both complained about our aching feet as much as the other! We hopped onto west minister tube to Victoria before finding a pub for a drink discussing the days events and slowly getting more tired we eventually got onto the midnight train to heathrow airport… which I very nearly wasn’t allowed to get back on by a grumpy bus driver at 1am. But I think my clueless desperate face at 1am struggling not to cry from tiredness as it was, made him believe I did actually loose my ticket to the first bus driver. I was hoping for a sleep on the bus but cause I was so tired every noise woke me back up! plus it was super cold with air con i’ve never really got on with air con to be honest!


I got home at 5:25am Then yes I did go to work the very same day, I didn’t quite make it on time as no one in my house woke me up. I woke up at something past 10 very confused 2 hours late for work, I quickly text saying I needed a shower then I’d be in! yeahhhh what a stupid idea! everyone commented how dead I looked!

I shall be posting tomorrow morning my Bloggers Love Fashion Week adventure and photos!

Anyone else with me on the odd light liking thing?

I am so excited to go to London again, Think I need to get planning!



🌹 Charlotte 🌹



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