If you follow me on Pinterest you know that the very first board is called “My Love for Lingerie is un-Real” it is true, I have such a big collection. I love every set and am always on the look out for more styles. Not many know that I love lingerie thankfully, as it is mostly always covered, but I do wish to have my own line one day. Big wish I know, but it’s like one of those dreams every girl has I’m pretty sure if you asked a girl if they could have their own line in something it may be fashion, make-up, music but mine is delicate lingerie!

I have recently just started to learn to sew again with my mother, who use to be a seamstress. So perhaps in time I can make my own lace and silk lingerie without crying to myself, when I fall for 2 sets of £50+ lingerie online on some of the pretty websites who’s links and details I have been sent. Even with the discount vouchers I get kindly get gifted from companies it doesn’t really help because those are for people who buy 2/3 new expensive sets a year. I think this year I may have bought more than 20! they aren’t all expensive no way! I’ll admit and some aren’t delicate more like push-ups from Primark/New look but it all add’s up when you need to move out to your own place again!

Here’s some examples of my Pinterest love –

Black Lace Lingerie

Pink Silk Lingerie


Are you the type of girl who just has a few special sets or is yours too mostly full of pretties?





Here’s some of my sets –





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