Pinterest really is a perfect place to find uni room inspiration or even if you’ve got a small room/apartment.

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I am hoping next year to move out from my mum’s place, whether that be on my own or with someone (eek nervous, and excited at that thought) Interior design is something I have always loved, I probably moved my room around many times in a year and I know I drove my sister crazy with it! She never knew what she was going to come home to it looking like next. If you know me, you know I love design in so many formats, I got a Graphic Design Degree and I love fashion design so it only makes sense for me to add in my other love too!

In this post I am showing you a sneak peak of what you can find on my Pinterest page, that is if you haven’t taken a look or followed me already?.



This photo above is great inspiration for someone with a box room but still wants a double bed, the idea is you fill your room with a very cosy, crisp looking bed then add full-length shelves to create a mini desk, storage space and decoration. With the added girly, elegant touches this makes the room appear taller and creative. I would personally add a big mirror on another wall to make reflections and give the illusion of more space.


Is this not the cutest? I have flowers just like them but in purple, that I could use to recreate this cute shelving piece. If only my walls were strong enough to hold photos and two fat cats who would totally jump on them…. Another way to re-create the flower fairy lights if you can’t find ones like these, get a flower garland (pick up easy from a DIY/craft store) then wrap small fairy lights around the garland and vala!


Truth be told I just love the grainy effect to this room… but this look is for those who like me, like the vintage rustic theme… of course this is easy to re-create, make a cosy bed full of throw cushions, then do up an old bedside table with some rustic chalk paint (I personally love Annie Sloan paint) and vala instant vintage look for no more than probably £17 (if you have the table/ cushions already!)

All photos belong to the owners, which are all linked on Pinterest and on the photo itself if you click it.

Let me know whats on your Pinterest board?



Updated on 19.09.16


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