A note to Susan - the blogger bashin' truth

A note to Susan - the blogger bashin' truth

I saw something today that REALLY fckin irritated me. So I just had to vent out my frustration in a post with the hope, people like *Susan* realise they are being unfair, horrible and may as well be a dare-I-say-it a “Troll”.

I’d call myself a blogger. I’m in no way even close to going full time or even becoming a slight influencer. (I’ve managed to accumulate £52 on my affiliate links -woo, Gucci bag here I come 🙄) I blog as a “hobby” because I work full-time. Yeah, I work 42.5hrs a week and travel (drive) a total of 5-6hrs per week to get to and from work! So, fitting in blogging is difficult, by no way is it a bang a post up and take a picture of my food job. Gosh, if I did that Susan would you *like* it – nope, no you wouldn’t, you’d think it was taken with a simple point & shot camera in the early 2000’s. So, how can you Susan diss us for being *privileged* *self-obsessed* *free-loaders* when talking from my own experience I took 15mins to set up that makeup flatlay. 3mins cleaning all the products for the perfect flatlay. 2 mins setting up my lighting (which I have you know cost me £30 of my own money) 10mins of taking different angles, 5 mins uploading them and choosing the best. 5-10mins editing (depending on the lighting etc) then I have to think of a *fab* caption so that you lol and go “yeah me too”. On top of that, I have to social media the sh*t out of it so that I can get at least 100+ likes on it.

Bloggers do get things for *free* when they are big. Often they can be seen receiving massive postal sacks full of goodies but they aren’t arriving without intentions and hopes for the influencers to love the product, feature it in many forms and get their sales up. So, is that free really? NO. Because as said above. It takes fckin half an hour to post 1 pic! So if you think, some influencers post 3 times a day. That’s 1.5hrs. Then, scheduling their promo tweets or funny anecdotes for when they are *away* in other words having an actual life, which they deserve! So sometimes that can take the best of 2-3hrs. Drafting and writing a blog post can easily take 2hours then there are the many relatable photographs *go back to how long it took to take and edit 1 photo* then there’s researching keywords. Finding out what you – Susan are actually searching for on Google. So, whilst you’re sat at your 9-5 job, answering a couple of phone calls, ordering more clothes than you can afford on Missguided and nodding like you have any idea what your team leader is saying to you. Just remember some *privileged* girl/guy has worked through their *lunch break* just so you can have pretty pictures to scroll through on your journey home!

A note to Susan - the blogger bashin' truth

Yes, there are unrealistic expectations happening with bloggers/influencers that can damage kids/young adults in confidence etc. But shit… It’s been like that with celebrities for fckin centuries! Sheesh, I used to cry at night because I didn’t have boobs like Christina Aguilera and hair like Avril Lavigne. So, yeah, it may be slightly more available on their phones etc, but it’s still the same… I do admit though that there are some “disgusting” influencers out there *cough-paul-cough* but not all of us, are like that. Some genuinely started it as fun and it turned into something they could never dream up. And if you think you’re excluded from liking and interacting with these influencers then Susan, stop ordering off Missguided, ASOS and Newlook. Because these companies ALL work with big and small influencers whether that be on collaborations, sending *gifts* etc. Your clothes are based on what’s *trending* so if all of us influencers got on the bandwagon of loving potato printed slogan tees and pants then eventually at least one of these brands will ship out their own version. If it had not already started from them and then guess what, yes, Susan you may have hated the *stupid trend* to start with, but now it’s half price in the sale and you just have to have a slogan potato tee #couchpotato


A little note to say – *Susan* is not based on a real person, it’s just a name aimed at mean people who bitch about people chasing and achieving their dreams!


10 thoughts on “A post to all the Blogger-bashing Susan’s – Rose above the Thorns”

  1. GIRL YES TELL THEM. I’m so sick of people being so judgey toward bloggers/influencers. I work for DAYS on my posts, sometimes weeks. I’m my own designer, editor, lighting, writer, photographer and I do it all free 99% of the time. I pay for every item I review and I save what pennies I make for weeks so I can afford to showcase more than one item at a time or so I have content for a month or so. Even when I do get ‘paid’ I’m granted the astonishing generosity of a ‘like’ on a post by most companies who don’t even think to share my work as a means of showing some amount of thanks.

    Personally I think this is all a publicity stunt for this company which is super ironic given how this petty little brainless twit is judging bloggers/influencers. It’s disgusting and I hope one day he makes a remark that lands him in very hot water legally. Maybe then he’ll keep his bitching to himself.

    1. Haha, Love this Michelle! You know exactly what blogger- bashing I was on about then? haha Xx

      Keep up with the hard work on your blog

      1. Unfortunately I know of them, yeah. I personally think it’s ironic they’re calling out bloggers because like I said, they are THE biggest seekers of attention. Oh and they did a collab with a company and got a hotel stay for free so they’re also massive hypocrites!

  2. YASSSSS!!!! I feel like they all need to read this! It’s purely based on misconception half the time anyway because most people don’t realise that a lot of bloggers have ‘real’ jobs on the side. Also, this made me laugh a lot haha!
    Christy x

    1. Aw Thanks, Christy, I’m glad it made you laugh!
      EXACTLY, it’s not something we are doing to take the piss, it’s actually hard work alongside our jobs. X

    1. Thanks, Abi 🙂

      I know, I had so much anger that I didn’t know I had hidden inside of me when reading them. That I wanted to somehow show the “Susan’s” it’s not all fun and selfies. X

  3. This constantly drives me nuts too – it’s just a massively ignorant view that bloggers are nothing more than just vain freeloaders. Big name influencers have worked bloody hard to get to where they are and us lot graft just as hard to get our content out there!

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