2019 is here as 2018 closed it’s doors last night and to say THANK FUCK FOR THAT! Is an understatement. Now, I don’t live by regrets, I make it one of my “me” things not to do, but I know not just for myself that 2018 was FULL of ups and downs. Hopefully, the ups outweighed the downs for most of you, but for me, I’m sitting back and thinking, WTF! Like what did I really achieve in 2018? Anyways, I’m not going to talk about 2018 anymore. I’ll only depress myself and probably bore you so, here’s a list of things I WILL DO this year. Yes, I’m not saying goals, because then I’ll only let myself off with the excuse of it was only a “goal”. NO CHARLEE these are things you REALLY want to achieve this year. Let’s go:




1. I will exercise more, yes, I’m tiny but that doesn’t mean I’m fit and healthy. In fact, I would like to see my stomach flat again and less irritated by gluten. Perhaps I’ll take up yoga, I started it a bit last year but it flopped massively.








2. I will blog more. Last year wasn’t a total flop. The events I got to go to around Swansea were fab and the Boux Avenue one I really loved it gave me such confidence. But after my expenses for the year, I don’t think I made a single penny. Oops, I had lots of outfit giftings though which I am very grateful for and will hopefully continue them collaborations with a lot more creativity. But this year I’d like to really give it my all.PREDICTABLE 2019 GOALS LIST

3. I will achieve a skill – Not entirely sure what yet. I’d love to get my violin tuned and start playing again but it seems to be on my never have time list. I also started learning Welsh last year. I got pretty far with it but I’m afraid if you asked me now how to reply back to “Sut wyt ti?” I’d either just go “Iawn. Diolch” for safety or be like urmmm….

4. I will open up more. By this I mean, I’ll try to talk more, discuss what is on my mind, not just hoping someone will figure it out. Admitting my anxiety will be something I’ll try. My anxiety got WILD last year, to the point I genuinely had no idea what to do anymore. My thoughts were out of my control and I let it take over me too much affecting my relationships. Not anymore. I’m taking back control. (I am doing this without medication, through my own decision)


It’s by no means a massive list, but I’d say an achievable one if I really want it.

I’d really appreciate any tips, links or advice you have on any of my “goals” for next year.

Thank you for sticking with me 💕

Wishing you a happy, productive & safe 2019




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