Quality over Quantity - What matters more as a blogger?

Quality over Quantity - What matters more as a blogger?

As bloggers we hear it all the time “quality over quantity” you should care about the content you are writing, how you word it and images you place in it. Yet, when your DA suffers because you’ve spent 1-2 weeks putting together a post that you are very pleased with you start to wonder, should I have “banged” a quick post up in the meantime to keep consistent.  

Quality over Quantity - What matters more as a blogger?


It’s a tough one because blogging is most certainly a job now and anyone who says otherwise is talking utter rubbish. There was no such thing as an online computer technician until computers became worldwide and found in every home. Yet, we don’t start telling them their job ain’t real because it didn’t exist 20 years ago do we?!




I’m almost going off on a tangent again aren’t I, like I did in this post “A post to all the blogger bashing Susan’s” if you’ve not read that post already then, it’s basically me ranting about the reality bloggers have to deal with and it’s actually one of my most read posts and certainly my most commented on post.






So, how do we get the balance between quality and quantity? Because if you want to make blogging your thing it’s something you need to consider… and it’s still something I’m trying to figure out myself.

I used to write posts upwards of 500 words because I loved writing and that’s what got me into it. But after 2 years of realising no one was reading the entirety of my post just skipping through (my analytics told me average page time was 0:34seconds) I started looking into SEO and realising 350 words is not only enough for SEO purposes but it keep readers around long enough to get the story or review across and not scare them off by the length of the post. Yes, sometimes I have a lot to say and I reach 400+ (probably this post too by the time I finish) but images play a big part in blog posts these days.

Quality over Quantity - What matters more as a blogger?

I love photographs and images, always have, whether in film, still or portrait. I went to college to study Interactive Media with the intention to create 3D models etc but I found out I had zero patience for that and instead 2D artwork was my thing. Including photography, I loved it but it takes some grasping! No one just gets it- first time, you have to understand your camera whether that may be DSLR, iPhone, Google Pixel etc. Then you need to figure out your style, everyone has a style, to start you may appear to rely heavily on other bloggers style for ‘inspiration’ but that’s okay as you are figuring it out (as long as you don’t downright copy) but imagery is a big part of catching reader’s attention these days so whether it’s just one main thumbnail and 300 words or several photos of different angles/different items and a 400+ words post. Remember to break it up! No one’s going to read more than 300 words if it looks like a book. I’m sorry but it just doesn’t work anymore!

Quality over Quantity - What matters more as a blogger?

Basically, both are important, you need quality content/images because no one is going to come back to read posts that aren’t relevant or make sense and quantity because it keeps people coming back and my stats worthy enough for collaborations to drop into my inbox. – When I say quantity, I don’t mean push yourself to post daily, figure out a schedule for yourself, I try to aim for 2 posts a week. It keeps your readers attentive, and stops you pushing out the same post all over your socials for a week! But figure out what works for you, give it a lil monthly trial and error!

Quality over Quantity - What matters more as a blogger?

But don’t worry. If you can’t publish one in a week or two week – just take a deep breath and get back into it when you can.

It’s your blog – enjoy it!


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This is my “Pizza Please” pose. 

Quality over Quantity - What matters more as a blogger?




3 thoughts on “Quality over Quantity – Which matters more in the world of blogging?”

  1. I agree that it’s hard to find that balance between posting enough but making sure the blog posts are quality posts that people will want to read. For me my favorite blogs post one to three times a week, which is just the right amount for me to be able to read them without being overwhelmed. And you are so right about having a good balance of photos and words in a post! I’ve stopped reading posts before because it’s too much staring at a long screen of text with no breaks in-between. I loved this post and your dress is beautiful! x

    x Kara | http://karascloset.net/

  2. Quality? Quantity? If you have a blog, you’d consider: convenience! And, if you’re selling a product or service: you’d consider: quality and quantity.

    If people love your blog posts, you have quality, and if they don’t, then you’ve got quantity!

    In the end, it’s all about monetising the quantity or quality you have – .i.e. your blog posts.

    If it works, then you’ve got quality! And, to make more money, all you need is quantity!

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