Now that all the winter days are far behind us, it is time to enjoy the spring and get ready for the beginning of the summer! Almost every year we are caught unprepared for the beginning of the summer. But not this year!

This year is when we are going to gather all the essential information that will help us enjoy the summer days at the beach fully and not end up with dark spots or uneven skin tan or some other annoying change. Which is why we decided to dedicate the following article to the 7 most amazing skin care tips that will help you get ready for the summer and forget all about under eye bags, dark spots, wrinkles, and dry skin! It is time to give our skin the attention that it deserves!

And did you know that you can do that without buying any expensive skin care products or visiting those exclusive beauty salons? Can you guess which tips we are about to share with you? Let’s find out, shall we?



The 7 skin care tips to follow this summer

  1. Water is your new best friend on those hot, summer days! – During those long, summer days, you probably notice how your body sweats more than usual. And that is totally normal. Sweating is one of the ways through which your body gets rid of any harmful toxins. However, through sweating, your body also loses a lot of water which is needed so that your body is able to function properly and prevent any dehydration, especially during the hot, summer days. In order to prevent dehydration, we strongly recommend drinking enough water which means drinking at least 2 liters of water every day. Drinking water will help your body get rid of those toxins faster and that means that you can say goodbye to those annoying acne and dry skin as your body will be well hydrated and ready to enjoy the time that you spend at the beach.
  2. Always carry your sunscreen – As you know, sunscreen is specially designed to protect our skin from those harmful UV rays. However, whoever told you that you should only use sunscreen when you are enjoying at the beach is completely wrong! During summer, you should remember to always bring your sunscreen with you wherever you go. That means that you should never leave your house without having applied sunscreen before. And by carrying your favorite sunscreen with you at all times, you will be able to reapply it through the day! It is for the best to use a sunscreen with SPF+30 for the proper protection. And if you want, you can always search for a liquid foundation with SPF instead of a regular sunscreen.
  3. Use herbal remedies – It is actually better to use herbal remedies instead of your usual skincare products. That way you will let your skin have a rest of all of those chemicals and the harmful effects that they might have on your skin. We recommend getting familiar with the beneficial effects of tomatoes and lemons, especially, for your skin. What you can do is squeeze a lemon or a tomato in an ice cube tray and get tomato or lemon juice cubes that you will later use to gently massage your face. All that you have to do after that is wash your face and enjoy your gentle, glowing skin afterward. You can say goodbye to your dull complexion and dark spots after that!
  4. Do not forget to exfoliate your skin – Exfoliating is especially important during summer. Why? It is because through exfoliating you will get rid of any dead skin cells that are clogging your pores and keeping your skin from breathing. By exfoliating your skin at least twice a week, you will get a healthy-looking, glowing skin in no time. Plus, you will find no trace of new acne occurring in the near future. We do recommend a natural exfoliator that you can prepare yourself at home, for example, using sea salt, lemon juice, honey, sugar etc.
  5. Do not forget about your eyes and lips – Whenever you leave your house, make sure to remember to take your favorite hat with you. This will help you protect your face from additional sun exposure. To protect your eyes, but also prevent any wrinkles from forming, make sure that you take your sunglasses as well! And last but not least – your lips! The best way to protect your lips is to use a lip balm instead of a lipstick. It is not uncommon to forget how sensitive our eyes and lips really are, especially to the harmful UV rays.
  6. Avoid applying too much makeup – You may wonder, how much makeup is considered to be too much? Let’s just say that during the summer days, we recommend sticking to the basics. That means that you should never forget about applying a sunscreen or at least a liquid foundation with SPF+30, a little blush maybe, some mascara and your favorite lip balm. That way you will get the natural makeup look without too much effort plus, you will not clog up your pores with tons of makeup and risk getting the running up makeup look due to excessive sweating during the day.
  7. Take a cold shower – Not only will a cold shower let your body cool off after a long day spends at work, but the cold shower will also keep your pores unclogged, reduce any blemishes, and decrease the risk of any acne breakouts.


Taking care of your skin during the summer is not that hard, if you informed on time, that is. And that is exactly what we are helping you with, sharing these 7 great skincare tips. Drinking a lot of water, enjoying cold showers, applying sunscreen and staying away from applying too much makeup are just a few of the awesome tips that we have prepared for you. If you use these skin care tips along with best wrinkle creams, you will definitely enjoy your glowing, healthy-looking skin in no time!

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