Decorating your home or moving soon? Then this post is perfect for you if you want some inspiration on the Retro/ 70’s home style, or want to know where to get some investment pieces that won’t break the bank. 

To me hues of bright orange, green and wood effect just screams 70’s retro to me. There is an Instagrammer/ blogger “newdarlings” who’s sitting room just looks like a gorgeous representation of this theme to me. I wish Robyn would let me decorate the sitting room in this style but he dislikes it so maybe one day? But if you are like him and prefer the modern home touches then you can find a post here in the same style as this one, with pretty much 70% of the things on my to-buy list!


Obviously, I had to add in an orange armchair to place next to the wooden tv unit with its quirky shape and single drawer, I think the cute cheese plant coasters are amazing, don’t you? They definitely add some uniqueness to your coffee table and who doesn’t want to add a Vinyl record player and I have been after a marble Crosley one for the longest time but I thought this one on the stand next to a plant just gives you the effect I am after. 

I really like the soft blue colours in the cushions and in the rug I think if you had all three of these together they would match perfectly. 

Obviously, a psychedelic utensils pot was a necessity yes for the kitchen and I think pairing that with either a white or wooden table, these bright pink/red dining chairs would be amazing in a kitchen/dining room. 

I also found this bedside table which totally reminded me of a photo I saw on New Darlings Instagram (find below) and I also thought this kind of ornament would sit better than the current copper diamonds etc. It’s more chunky and so chic!


 Let me know what your favourite piece is?

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First Photo Taken from Pinterest – Pinterest linked to this website

2 Photos from New Darlings Instagram Page:


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