We know it’s easy to get caught up in the sales, you see something and admittedly it’s a bargain price, but do we really need it?! Will it serve its purpose? Come of use to you in the near future? I’m going to share with you a few tips to shop smarter and save money. 

Shop the Sales Smarter with these 5 tips


Tip 1: Plan your buys. Don’t just wander into Debenhams, New Look and the likes and end up getting 20 things you don’t need, nor probably wanted if it wasn’t for the fact they were a ‘bargain’ price. I hold my hands up to buying several dresses because they were in the sale and at least 3 still have the tags in from the last 4 years! This year I won’t be doing that, I’ll be making a list, join me, think of things you’ve actually wanted, things that will improve your home, hobby or staple pieces for your wardrobe. 

Tip 2: Live by my motto of if I forget about it, I didn’t really want it. If I see something and I’m not 100% sure then I’ll sit on the idea for a few days. If I’m still thinking about it a few days later then I’ll go back and get it, if I forgot about it, then obviously I didn’t want it! 

Tip 3: Use Shoptagr, no this isn’t sponsored, in fact, if I’m going, to be honest, I’ve not properly tested out this site myself yet, I’ve heard loads about it on Youtube from American vloggers, and Shoptagr appears to work with a lot of UK sites so I’m giving it a go myself. It’s a bargain-hunters best friend so I hear, shop things online, add it to your list and then Shoptagr will keep an eye on it for you, so say you want it but it’s out of stock in the size you want, Shoptagr will notify you when it’s back in. Hoorah, also, they will tell you if it’s on sale. So, want a particular handbag but not willing to pay the full price, add it to your list and let Shoptagr watch it for you.

Shop the Sales Smarter with these 5 tips

Tip 4: Join a cashback website, this is something I’ve done but MUST remember to use. I’m dreadful at remembering to link the two back to each other! But you can earn quite a substantial amount back from shopping via a cashback website. One of my friends had a baby and through a cashback website, they had gotten back over £900!! Have you joined TopCashBack?

Tip 5: Shop around, you may see a gorgeous little vase on H&M Home or Urban Outfitters for example, but check out Etsy or eBay, not only may you find it a little cheaper but you’re also purchasing from an actual person’s small business, you may be helping to fund their university course, earn a little extra to pay for luxuries they may not be able to afford otherwise etc. 


If you fancy a little splurge in the Black Friday Sales then on Wednesday check out my Black Friday Wish List, it features clothes & home pieces. 

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