One of my 2016 goals for 2017 was to look after my body, drink more water, exercise and get a skincare regime. Only the latter have I actually achieved. It was rather easy to keep to and I quite enjoyed taking off my makeup and cleansing my skin once I got into the habit.

These are the products that got me into that habit and I now swear by. (Many other products I used throughout the year but they just didn’t make the cut)

I’ll admit, around 30% of the products here I only found in the last few months but they have quickly become go-to products. 


At night I take my makeup off with a variety of cleansing waters, wipes and face wash – I have yet to find a holy-grail product for this as I differentiate between products, depending on how lazy I am feeling. After my initial makeup clean I will use Pixi Glow Tonic. I’ve heard this product mentioned ALOT especially by my friend Neesha who has lusted after it for ages. I bought the smaller £10 bottle and so far, so good. I mean. I’m not actually sure if it works better than any other toner, but it seems to make my skin firmer without over drying like the Body Shop one I have does.

Then, when it’s time for bed I’ll pour about 3 drops of the best stuff since sliced bread – Midnight Recovery Concentrate into my hand and delicately smother my face in it. This product even though it’s initial price tag may look scary is well worth the price per wear (see this post here on break down of cost per wear and why it’s great) Next, it is time for the best smelling moisturiser I have ever found – Miss Patisserie Moisturiser in Watermelon. This stuff is thick, non-oily and smells like an absolute dream, there are many other scents you can choose from that also match their gorgeous scented candles. I place this on my knees, elbows, occasionally neck, shoulders and on the underside of my feet.


Waking up, my face is usually a little red and pillow-faced so I’ll use a tiny drop of The Ordinary Niacinamide on only the red patches (usually chin and top of my cheeks), once that has seeped in I’ll use the Soap & Glory you won’t believe your eyes cream, which has three cooling balls that soothe your skin as they massage the cream into your under eyes (this stuff is amazing for puffy eyed days).

As it is Winter I will then go in with a thick moisturiser before makeup… I’ve not grown attached to one moisturiser yet either, I usually go for cheaper moisturisers because I like to spend a little more on oils as they seep through the skin better and faster than moisturiser.

Well, that’s my skincare regime and favourites for 2017, I’m curious if it’ll change much throughout 2018, but I’m sure that Midnight Recovery Oil will be a keeper! What’s your favourite skincare product? Let me know below 🙂

Buy the products here: Ones with * are affiliate links; Pixi Glow Tonic – £10 100ml*  Pixi Glow Tonic – £18 250ml*|| Midnight Recovery Oil – £38* || Watermelon Body Souffle || Niacinamide – £5* || You won’t believe your eyes – £12 (sale £9.37)*|| 



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