Hello, these winter months have dried out my lips so much this year. So I tried the obvious vaseline, tried not wearing lipstick for a week to see if that would help, then tried wearing a moisture based lipstick constantly and none of these worked.  I took to Boots shelves in the hope to find a miracle cure for my dry lips. I found Soap & Glory Smooch Operaor in a small little pink box and I know so many people rave about Soap & Glory so I thought Hey why not give it a go, I believe it was in a small percentage sale so that helped a bit in the process of choosing this one.


The packaging is quite practical, I am so glad its not in a silver tin. As I have so much trouble trying to prize them open when my hands are warm. The pain bit is, as its slightly dipped and very small I can’t put my finger in there nicely to get some out without jabbing it with my nail so I have reverted to just applying it straight onto my lips. It now has a massive cascade in the middle so how I’m going to get the corners out once its down to the bottom I haven’t quite worked out yet.

It’s tingly on my lips after about a minute but not like those bee sting lip glosses you get to make your lips plumper its a softer tingle almost making you believe its working. It’s quite smooth and greasy but not overly like a tub of vaseline. It even works through light base lipsticks. As for making my lips better well I am either really suffering with this winter or it does nadda. It works whilst its on my lips but as soon as it wears off my lips are right back to dry cardboard feeling.

Would I buy this product again, no probably not so if you have an suggestions pretty please let me know!




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