Spring 2018 lookbook thumbnail


Spring 2018 lookbook thumbnail

It’s Spring in the UK and with the ever-changing weather (literally, the day before it was a 25degree heat-wave, now is about 12 degrees with grey clouds and a shower of rain!) So, I’ve created a lookbook on Youtube with four outfits suitable for the UK weather.  

Something, you may or may not know is that I’ve messed about on Youtube for quite a few years now, actually more than blogging. ( I go into more detail about that and my goals/plans for this year including my YT channel in THIS post). But I’ve always loved lookbook’s/style videos. I love the way they can show several types of outfits ‘actually’ being worn, not just a still post in a photograph and they can either be videos that are realistic, walking down the street or highly-thought through, edited videos. I think they are beautiful and I aim to get better and better at creating them for my subscribers throughout the year. So, if you’re not subscribed to my channel already, I would absolutely LOVE it if you subscribed. 


Outfit Details: * Outfit One: Top: Primark Cardigan: LOTD.com Belt: Primark Jeans: Primark Boots: ZARA Sunglasses: Primark Earrings: Newlook *Outfit 2 Dress: Shein Tights: Primark Jacket: http://shopstyle.it/l/G0Wg Shoes: Vans Bag: ASOS Sunglasses: Primark Necklaces: http://shopstyle.it/l/G0Yn Earrings: Primark
*Outfit 3 Dress: Primark Jacket: ASOS Leggins: Primark Shoes: Vans Bag: Primark Earrings: Newlook Sunglasses: Primark
*Outfit 4 Sweatshirt: Primark Jacket: ZARA Jeans: Primark Shoes: Vans Earrings: Newlook
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2 thoughts on “A SPRING LOOKBOOK || 2018 – Rose above the Thorns”

  1. I love the red Misguided dress, the black backpack and the Mickey jumper!! I really want to try and get more into dresses and skirts this year because I say it every year and it doesn’t happen lol xx

    1. I am actually, completely the same Holly! That’s why I put together this post and lookbook, to help others and myself. I far too often opt for jeans! I want to break myself out of it and feel confident in other outfits.

      I hope you achieve it this year!
      Charlee xx

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