We woke to yet another day of the heat wave, in a country already known for its gorgeous 27degree heat in June. It was the last full day there and I really wanted to swim with the fishes again.. We’d booked the holiday to come snorkelling, so why on earth would I not want another day watching the cute transparent and white fishes swim around my legs, darting from my action camera. 

I’d worn most of my swimwear throughout the week, so I decided what the heck and mix-matched. Hey? I hear that trend is in right now… In fact, the Glamour magazine I read had a piece on outfits for holidays abroad and Menorca was in there with a weird patterned mix-match bikini so IF YOU CAN’T BEAT EM’ JOIN EM! 


Of course slip on denim shorts are a must for every girls holiday and I paired it with an oversized cotton vest. I know people looked at me weird on holiday & I actually over heard a little boy ask his parents, why would someone wear heels on holiday (don’t you just love kids?!) But the answer is I find heels comfier to walk in. I wore flats for a very long time as a courier and now when I walk far in flats my heels ache! So, heels are less painful, plus this pair has been my trusty favourite since I bought them in 2014 from Newlook! 

Also, bear in mind that swimming in the sea in a fancy pants bikini with frills really isn’t practical. So I’m going to pretend that was one of the main reasons why I chose comfortable bikini bottoms and a skin tight bra style bikini top. (absolutely nothing to do with the fact it made my tiny pancake boobs look visible and stop me from worrying about wedging. No one likes to watch someone pull their pants out their ass…)


I didn’t get to successfully snorkel, as I need a bit more practice on the mouth piece. I some how also had water up my nose when trying! So I put the goggles on, held my breath and amazed myself at how I faced a fear of opening my eyes underwater watching the tiny silver, transparent and white fish swim delicately with such speed and grace around my legs, darting from my action camera as it flashed along telling me it was videoing! You can watch my after movie here on my Youtube channel.

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Have you ever snorkelled?



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