I recently had a new makeup bag here – So, I thought why don’t I also show you what I use daily because it definitely has changed and increased in size since I last showed you – I FRIGGIN LEARNT HOW TO APPLY MAKEUP 😅

The first thing you will notice is the L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mega Volume in Black, I seen pretty much everyone insta this, so when I got an eye infection and had to throw out my beloved Bourjois mascara that was discontinued I opted to try this one. I’m not in love with it, but it certainly is a good alternative for my love.. It lengthens and keeps my curl. 

Let’s go with the big eyeshadow palette, I love this it’s the I ❤️ Makeup explicit content, the shades are all warm tones ranging from nude, brown and toned blues. I never get fall out or creasing with this palette.

Another new to my bag is the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot primer. I’ve only just started using a primer (not every day) but I really do recommend this, I’ve seen reviews where they say it doesn’t do much but well mine does, my makeup is smoother and lasts much longer! – BYE PORES!


Okay, more new…. Soap & Glory Glow All Out highlighter – I’m not sure on this, I wear it daily but I’m not convinced that every day it gives me highlight. I’m sure it depends on my makeup I wear whether it can be seen or not. There’s no glitter in it though so that’s a plus! 

I’ll be doing a blog post on the entire collection of Bourjois Velvet the Lipstick soon, (make sure you signup to my newsletter below to be kept updated with that) Right now Brique-a-brac is living in my makeup bag but I do wear Hip Hip Pink & Hey Nude! Also, the white pencil is my Bourjois Miraculous contour lip liner primer for the lips.

The Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner has been repurchased as I love it so much, thin, sticks around and easy to use! 

I feel like this Seventeen Skin WOW concealer got a lot of hype for about a month then died – Well I still love it, I only ever use it under the eyes as I think it can be a bit merh anywhere else. 



What I actually forgot to put in and photograph was my foundation – I stick by Revlon Colorstay in 110 Ivory, probably repurchased this about 7 times now and I’ve recently started wearing the normal/dry not just the combination/oily because with my skin routine my skin is much better!

Blusher can either be Makeup Revolution Blush Queen palette or Benefit Hervana.

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