Hunkemoller has recently collaborated with Pamela Reif a German Blogger to create the gorgeous blue velvet blogger collection. (She also has other colour/fabric sets) They kindly contacted me, to send me the blogger makeup bag in a gorgeous blue velvet shade for review. 

This makeup bag is perfect if you are travelling and plan on taking a lot of makeup in your suitcase as it is huge! Just smaller than those big square makeup bags you see in Primark though. I like the style as it could almost be mistaken for a night out clutch with the velvet and silver ball clasps. The quality of this bag is great, it doesn’t feel cheap and it’s lined inside so that you can clean it when your makeup dirties it all up as we all know it will.  

The bag is priced at £12 and the underwear collection ranges from £12 to £35 you can find the collection in pounds here, as if you search online it will give you the euro price as standard. 


Words fom Pamela – Feel breathtaking in my new lingerie collection! Every woman is beautiful. It just takes the right lingerie to emphasis the beauty that you already have. Love Pamela -xxx-  I love that, its so true and sweet, everyone is beautiful just wear clothes and makeup that emphasis your beauty.

For size comparison I can fit my entire 12 Bourjois lipstick collection, foundation, makeup brushes, blusher and concealer in with space still left over! 

I’d recommend buying this as perhaps a gift or even just a treat for yourself if you travel a lot or want a special piece to keep your nicer makeup in! 

Thank you Hunkemoller for sending me the gorgeous bag, make sure you sign up below to see a what’s in my makeup bag soon!

*Disclaimer – as I mentioned the makeup bag was gifted but this post is not sponsored*


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