Handbags are still the ultimate accessory and I’ll admit they are the item I love to collect and hoard in all shapes and sizes. But they are the item I use least, at least in the sense of wear and tear, I have to date only broken one. I pretty much use a handbag every single day though, so one is dedicated to just work and I have 3 designers, the rest are high street finds. But I am selective with my handbag purchases and therefore I have handbags in fairly good condition from 4+ years ago. 




I have not long bought another designer to add to my collection (oopsies) that you may have seen on my Instagram , but I didn’t pay the designer price for at all. I am thrifty like that so if you want a post on how I managed that, then let me know. With that in mind, I thought I’d stare longingly at more handbags as I have put myself on a spending ban from them till Christmas and instead I will push them all into your faces. (Mwahaha) So make me feel better and let me know if you purchase one!

All bags I have chosen are under the £50 price tag because that would be the top price I would pay for a “trend” impulsed buy. 

Small embroidered bags are so in right now, and…. I actually don’t own one…. Ughh can I revoke my spending ban then, please? So, I picked a handful of gorgeous ones that I would totally pick, if I had a wardrobe and unlimited credit card like a budget Paris Hilton. 😂


Head on over to my Instagram to see more handbags I have purchased! 

Oh and link me up with any Insta photos you have of desirable handbags! 

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