Ever since I’ve been able to wear a bra, I’ve loved pretty and sexy lingerie sets. As a student though, the most I could afford was the patterned push-up ones in Primark, so it wasn’t till I had a full-time job that I started buying from the likes of La Senza, Ann Summers and Marks & Spencers. I’ve actually still got a lot of the pieces I first bought and every now and then I do a big clear out and bin the ill-fitting ones or just ones I tend not to wear anymore. But you’ve all seemed to love my handbag and jeans edit so far, so I thought I’d share some pieces I wish I could buy right now!

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Most of the sets are black, I’m just drawn to black, black is not only my go-to comfortable colour to wear to work, on nights out, etc but I think you can’t get much sexier than a black lingerie set. Also, the whole show a little lace or satin bra trend isn’t quite over yet, I still see bloggers pairing a slouchy jumper or daring oversized shirts with a pretty non-wired bra. So I tried to find a few pieces that you and I could re-create that look with. Personally, I have only ever once shown off my bra and I honestly cringe several shades of red every time I think back to it as I bloody wore it to college… like it was a normal day and I wore THAT outfit – it was a sheer rose patterned top with big push up bra. WTF Charlee?!

Anyways, I actually have a post from 2015 explaining my love for lingerie and where I hope to take it in the future. That according to my analytics does better than any other post I have written (no idea why!) You can read that here and also there will be a post up soon with a new piece that I will be adding to my collection, so make sure you are signed up via email to know when that post is up! 

Have you ever dared the peeping lingerie trend or are you a lover of sexy underwear hidden till later on?



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