Thank You Laura for voting for me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

I’ve heard of many smaller blog awards and I have been nominated for one before but this one was new to me and I was very interested in what it was. 

Basically you get nominated when your blog is considered to be of good quality and when the love and fondness of their blog is clearly shown.
Once you have been nominated your next step is to write 7 interesting facts about yourself that your readers may not already know!
Finally share the love by nominating 15 other blog’s that you feel fit the above!
1. I have had pets mostly all my life. List: 5 dogs, 5 cats, 2 horses, gosh knows how many fish, 5 hamsters and 4 guinea pigs. 
It’s safe to say when I moved out of my family home and was not allowed pets in my apartment I missed having an annoying pet in my life!
2.   I was a ginger mop headed baby! Yet not long after I turned 1, my hair changed to bright blonde. Many people questioned my mother on what she had done to my hair. But honestly nothing! 

3.     I am very much a day dreamer, my day dreams can be of such a range of topics. From creating unlikely scenarios in my head to, how I am yet again going to re-arrange my rooms and what I want to buy or blog about.

4.    I’m one of those annoying list writers! okay so yes most girls these days are, most definitely bloggers for ideas and such. But really I write detailed lists on what I want/need to buy, money equations, bedroom ideas and anything that pops into my mind. The bad part is I mostly always do it on scrap paper and never find them again! I write them with the intention of looking at them but I either can’t find them or I forget all about them until the point where i’ve finally lost them.

5.     As a little girl I went through nearly every phase possible for what I want to be when I get older. Right up until, well now! I never settled down on to what I wanted to be. Singer, Dancer, Book writer, horse rider, horse hotel owner (yeah don’t ask!), Harry Potter film animator, website designer to finally I would love to take my blog and modelling to the next step. (ignore the fact right now I’m an administrator currently doing course work for business admin level 3) I’m telling myself one day it will help make my dreams more real being able to sort out my own admin.

6.   I wrote plenty of stories when I was younger, from scrap papers to notebooks and eventually one of those huge cream computers (you remember the ones right?). My goal is still to publish my magical mystery story even if I don’t get to till I’m 40 I’m reaching for it and not giving up!

7.    I live in a family of all girls, the rest of my family live in England. Trust me it has its advantages and lots of disadvantages especially when you have a sister who loves to ”borrow” your clothes!
Well that is it for my 7 odd facts, I would like to thank you for your support and hello to new lovelies.
I would like to become more active with my blog posts and interactive with other bloggers so please stick around (follow) and leave your links below.


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