Mug in hand flatlay for Things are changing post

Mug in hand flatlay for Things are changing post

With the ever-heightening standards of bloggers, Influencers, and my closest friends giving up on it all. Blogging has become very hard! So, about a week ago after a month of wallowing, I created the “Get Charlee to love her blog again!” list. It’s kinda worked. 

So with that list nearby on every spare evening and weekend moment, things are changing around here a little.


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Tweet 1 ScreenshotYou may have seen me post tweets such as (see screenshots) because I was unhappy with the blogging community rather than my blog. I love scrolling through Twitter but sometimes it gets me down! Just like how people say they don’t like going on Instagram anymore as it makes them compare their lives or w.e. Instagram doesn’t have that effect on me cause I know 90% of the photos on there these days are staged and edited. But Twitter seems to be a little toxic and a bit more than just nit-picking. Honestly, it got to me! I stopped blogging for probably a month, barely Instagrammed, in fact for a full fortnight I didn’t post 1 photo and it kinda felt refreshing, because I could concentrate on actual life. I had fun and felt free but in the back of my mind I was slightly sad and disheartened that I gave up on blogging a little. 

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So on the week, I had off over Easter Bank Holiday I created the “Get Charlee loving her blog again!” list. It included all the ideas I’d been contemplating in my own mind for months and then after speaking to Robyn and Lottie about it. They confirmed my thoughts, I needed to break away from dedicated “budget fashion” and trial Home Interiors for a little. Now, I know my content isn’t going to be dream worthy Insta homes, it’s going be an actual realistic “liveable” home but with Insta-goal worthy home inspiration. So, you know all those copper pieces, plants everywhere, marble tables and cushions that take over the sofa. Yeah, they’ll all be there but in moderation. Over the next few months, Robyn and I are going to be updating our home with affordable, but luxury feel pieces, so that when we eventually have our deposit ready for a house of our own. We won’t need to worry about buying furniture to decorate it as well. So, I wanted to document this in not only blog posts of how we went from a) to b) but with a realistic Instagram Home account. Welcome @AtHomeWithCharlee. I really hope you’ll pop on over to the page and follow, or even just take a look because you may find some inspiration to decorate your home in under £20 on some pieces! 

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Next, Youtube. Blogging seems to be an if you got it, you’ll make it scenario atm. There’s no room, for posts, well like this one anymore, so I’ve decided to literally chuck my concentration into my Youtube channel. I’ve made half-arsed attempts at it over many years, but Youtube was the very first thing I created over 9 years ago now, when my mum and sister thought I was very vain, filming hair tutorials, bedroom tours and outfits in my bedroom. I didn’t have the money to buy new pieces constantly like Zoella and Dolly Bow Bow, so it eventually frazzled out (especially with the fear that people in school/college would find it) and so I started writing a blog when I was 18. It was kinda therapeutic for me, I struggled with spelling and grammar with very little help from school teachers so learning to write daily helped me learn my mistakes. But as Blogging gets harder daily, I’ve decided to go back to Youtube with my head raised and full of ideas. Please go check out my channel and subscribe. It really would mean the world and push me onto to create better content every time!

Lastly, I just want to say the budget fashion & beauty side of things will be sticking around, I’ll put up outfit posts occasionally and review beauty products. But if you like Lookbook’s there’ll be a few up on my Youtube soon! So, yeah, THANK YOU so much for sticking around or even just joining my blog and taking the time to read this. 

If you have a blog or Youtube, make sure to leave the links below and I’ll check them all out as I love to find new accounts 🙂 





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