I got the invite weeks before they even finished the renovation, but pretty much from the moment I hit send on my RSVP I was thinking what on earth do I wear? With British weather. there is no telling if it will be sunny or raining or heck both!

Sky-bar-full-outfitChecking the weather the night before, it looked promising, sunshine and temperature in low 20’s – I could work with that! I could actually attend an event and not be wearing jeans!

This gorgeous ruffled Bardot dress is from River Island and you lucky lot can get it on sale for £15 right here if you click this link. You may recognise the dress from my Fforestfach Mother’s Day Challenge post and I have also worn it abroad. It is a great dress that I have styled with many different accessories. I also couldn’t wait to take my newest obsession with me, my Adrienne Vittadini handbag from TK Maxx, it’s amazing! So small and compact, but I am able to fit all I need in there including a hidden battery pack for my phone! Recently I’ve had fun styling this blue patterned fabric from Primark, that was sold as a head scarf, but as you can see I also style it as a neckerchief/choker, worn it as a head scarf and even tied it around my handbag strap for a look very similar to the Love Moschino Scarf Shopper Bag. The shoes I opted for were my trusty H&M velvet boots, an odd choice for summer I know, but it was an evening event so going to turn chilly by the time we left.. Plus I just LOVE pairing boots of any height with dresses, it makes me feel a bit 90’s and slightly badass when the knee high boots are OK to wear again. 


The event was amazing, we had a demonstration of the cocktails laid out in front of us, some of the girlies tasted and it appeared the well-known coffee cocktail was a winner for most of them. I opted for a mocktail due to driving and a long day in work with no dinner yet! (Very sensible of me, I know) It was lovely, I also cheekily picked out the fresh strawberry slices and popped them in my mouth once I was down to the Ice. 

With such a gorgeous setting and being literally the tallest room and viewpoint in all of Wales’s buildings, I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want a couple of drinks in this bar. I know I certainly can not wait to bring the gang asap. Oh, and they may have a gorgeous view and a luxurious feel to the whole place but the price tag on the drinks certainly doesn’t make you wince. My summer fruit cooler mocktail* came to a cheerful £2.95 had I of paid for it. Whilst alcoholic cocktails such as a Cosmo will only be £6.50 you can feel like one of the Sex in the City girls in such a glamorous location. Plus little heads up for you, visit on a Friday night between 5 and 9 pm and cocktails are only £5. Grab your girlfriends or perhaps suggest the perfect date night looking across the beach as the sun sets and the stars twinkle around you. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! 







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What is your favourite cocktail? 



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