As you may or may not know, because I am practically bouncing around the place telling anyone that will listen about it. I am off on holiday with the girls! In fact I am probably waking up to go there right now as this goes live! (blogging girls – Holly, Lottie, Neesha & Ffion) to Bluestone in Pembrokeshire, for a paid for bloggers holiday – So excited! Also a spa relaxation is so needed!


So over the next few days, I am going to be showing you whats in my makeup bag, and carry on suitcase for it!

The post for how to fit 5 days in a carry on suitcase, will be live ASAP, so make sure you follow me over on twitter, or bloglovin to find the link easily and reminded.

On with the post, you probably know that I am not that much into beauty, yeah I may have a drawer full of it, but day in day out I mostly use the same trusty stuff. The stuff that lives in my pink daily makeup bag. But it’s going to change up a little bit for holiday, as I may need waterproof mascara for the sauna, and waterparks. Also night makeup if we go out for the evenings anywhere.


I have my current favourite foundation in 100 Ivory Revlon Colourstay – Fair Collection Concealer and trusty (bought a whole bulk load of these) Bourjois Kohl Mascara.

I will of course be taking my collection gel eyeliner and real techniques brush, but I doubt I will not be wearing this much in the day, as it does like to wear off onto my top lid easily if its hot!

I have taken a few lipstick variations, of course my favourite lip liner from Natural Collection Cosmetics, my favourite soft Frosted Plum MAC Cosmetics lipstick, Bourjois pink lipgloss and a Revlon plum lipstick. So that I have different variations to match my outfit or the occasion.


The Makeup Revolution Gold palette as this is like my bae. A cream highlighter from George for those evenings out, and finally some trusty eyelash curlers for those days I want extra oomph.

IMG_20160602_191131Some it up

Just try to think as basic and simple as you can, I’d recommend taking the colours and items you mostly use daily or reach for on a night out as such. Because you won’t, want to be trying something new, that you may end up looking like a clown. As that pillar box red lipstick is far too much for your fair skin, and pink dress. Also you just know what works together! So less time getting dressed and more time exploring!

What you should take and to where? –

Abroad: – Hot Climate – A foundation with a high SPF – Mattifying loose powder – Waterproof mascara – Chapstick

Tips: If tan easily, then take a slightly dark shade of foundation, so that hopefully better matches your tan. Put your aftersun in the fridge!

Avoid: – Drying lipstick like lip plumper, creamy eyeshadows/ blushers (it’ll only run off)

Abroad: – Cold Climate – Chapstick – Hydrating Moisturiser –

Tips: – Avoid wearing too much makeup it’ll only sweat off.

UK: – SPF sun cream – face and body moisturiser

Tips: You can pretty much buy anything you’ve forgotten cheaply in a high street beauty store

Are you off on holiday soon? If so where so?



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