Something that I rarely share on my blog – which is stupid of me – is what I really love, like really, my go-to pieces, a post where nothing is sponsored, my every day “boring” essentials. Clothing, Jewellery, beauty and everything in between. I rarely change up my go-to items, so don’t expect this to become a monthly thing but, I thought I’d show you the items that have seen me through December 2017 – February 2018 plus a little wishlist. 



Jumpers are pretty much a given for Winter, but this jumper has seen me through 3 of them…I know that because I have a photograph of me wearing it when I had a lunch date with all the girlies 2 years ago and to be honest, I have to talk myself out of wearing it sometimes. It’s just too damn comfy, reliable and classically chic. The grey goes with everything from my blue denim jeans, to black skinnies and even tucked into a high waisted patterned skirt, it’s my go-to and I’m pretty sure it only cost me around £20 from New Look. I strangely don’t have any blog outfit pics with it in though, I guess cause it’s old and a trusty faithful that it doesn’t feel “fashionable” but it wouldn’t be winter without it for me.



Next, let’s talk about the orange bottle that doesn’t really fit with my flatlay “colour” scheme but it’s been a saviour for those days- ok let’s be real – weeks, where I haven’t shaved my legs and for hydrating my skin. It’s the Hempz bath and body oil in sweet pineapple & honey melon. I actually received this from a PR for Valentine’s day but I’ve relied on it ever since. A little goes a long way! It not only hydrates my skin, is cruelty-free/vegan and ok a bit more on the pricier side but it gives my skin such silky soft skin. Honestly, you could barely notice my cactus legs because of the silky smoothness!

The earrings are super cheap ones from Primark but I have lived in these throughout February! I think they were either £1.50 or £2, either way, I wish I’d bought another pair or maybe I’ll just go look in the jewellery shops for a better quality pair. I’ve worn them to work with casual smart outfits, everyday jumper and jean outfits and a little more dressed up. 

The boots were supposed to just be simple, black, heeled boots for work but they are SO comfy, literally, I could walk for hours in these, I am used to wearing heels but for just £22 these were my best clothing purchase of the year. They work with jeans and a jumper, with tights and skirts, anything really. I just wish I’d taken a bit more care of them as they are scuffed a fair bit. 


The lipstick I’ll admit is from Bourjois that are not cruelty-free, but I’m addicted to this shade and I can not put it down! Honestly, it’s been my go-to shade since I received it in that Influenster package back last October. I barely touch any of the other shades but this one I’ll be using right up until the last bit of it and then I’ll be looking to replace the shade with a Cruelty-free version. So if you have any recommendations let me know! Rouge Velvet Lipstick in shade 03

The bamboo pen is for my Wacom Bamboo Graphic tablet that plugs into my Macbook. I’ve been having fun recently doodling on my Instagram photographs and drawing when I can. I bought this tablet many years ago for around £40 I believe and it’s been great fun to use. I only wish the actual drawing pad was a little bigger. More around the A4 size, but then I guess it would be more expensive and bulky. – Similar item: Wacom Intuos Draw Pen Tablet


Whilst I’ve mentioned all my favourites I already own, I wanted to document all the things I’ve been lusting over in the last month or two and it’ll be fun to see how many of them I actually succumb to buying. I’ve already bought the top right, grey dress from ASOS that you can see me trying on here in this ASOS haul I filmed. I’d love to own the Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette along with another Better Than Sex Mascara. – Perhaps I’ll treat myself for my birthday, but for now, I’ll stick to my Makeup Revolution palettes and purchase the Liquid highlighter and baking powder when they come back into stock. I’ve also been lusting over that cute star pendant necklace for a few weeks now and the only reason I haven’t purchased already is because I have several, gold necklace’s and I’d really like more silver pieces. 


Wrap Polka Dot Dress – £13.15

Faux Fur Cartoon T-Shirt – £8.77

Sequin & Beaded Detail Figure Sweatshirt – £12.42

Faux Fur Fox Sweatshirt – £10.96

Skull Print Sweatshirt – £11.69

Button-through Casual Grey Dress – £28

Bershka Button Front Dress – £25.99

Celestial Disc Long Pendant – £6


Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow – £39

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter – £6

Makeup Revolution Baked Powder – £5

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One thought on “Winter Jan-Feb Favourites and Wishlist – Rose above the Thorns”

  1. That’s a nice wish-list of favourites.

    I’d spend time to prepare a meal plan – chocolates and all!

    I’d advise against walking for hours in boots, with heels! It pokes and creates an unfavourable mood afterwards!

    Wow! A Wacom stylus – a touch-screen device that costs less than your phone and functions the way you dream a device should function!

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