Like many others of us, I spend 5 days a week in my office job, which means I am only left with 8 days a month (unless I take a holiday) to wear my normal clothes. Boring! So, I thought why haven’t I shared with you what I ACTUALLY wear daily, plus I hope it may help some of you, that like me are stuck for inspiration daily when you look at your wardrobe and think “I have nothing to wear”


A bit about my work/office dress code; as long as I don’t wear “sports” clothing I’m OK to wear anything according to my handbook, but obviously a bit of common sense is required with that! Like, don’t turn up in your fluffy Disney slippers no matter how much I want to!

So, my way of looking at it is smart/casual. Yeah, I hated those words too when it was in Mandatory Interview notes. But I’ve come to realise what it actually means, dress smart, so perhaps a pair of black trousers OR a blazer. You don’t need to dress full suit for a smart/casual event instead wear something smart but it shows your personality.

This is a good tip for an interview, first impressions count at an interview and the interviewer will be impressed if you can pair a smart blazer with appropriate trousers and a cute blouse, it gives you a sense of structure and neatness but approachability cause you’re not stood there in an entire fitted black suit making them dubious if you can follow simple instructions. Obviously, if there doesn’t say anything about what to wear then dressing smart overall is best!



Anyways, back to the outfits if I’m having a jean day I’ll try and pair it with a nice blouse or tee and blazer, I tend to always get compliments on how smart and well put together I look when wearing these outfits. Lately, if I am wearing a skirt if it sits shorter than just skimming the knee then I’ll opt (weather permitting) for a cardigan that is slightly longer than where the skirt sits. Dresses I find tricky cause if you’re like me and have bigger hips, thighs and bum then you’ll find the skirt rides up MYSTERIOUSLY so that when you next stand up to retrieve a folder you end up awkwardly trying to shuffle your dress back down to it’s normal length so as not for anyone to notice!

I thought the best way to show you my work outfits without posing would be to vlog them, so I did a week of my outfits in this video below, with shoppable items or similar below in an affiliate widget. Let me know if you’d like me to vlog another week of outfits or if there is any particular item you’d like me to style more (Jeans, dresses etc) Don’t forget a great outfit can help your productivity levels (I don’t know how! BUT IT WORKS!)  



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