UFitness in collaboration with Nandos, Ten Mill Lane and Yogi Bare hosted a night for the girls called Prosecco Flow at the UFitness centre in Cardiff Bay. See what fun we got up to and how flexible I really am…..

I left straight from work and picked up Michelle, meeting Ffion, Holly and Chloe at the event for a fun night of yoga, laughing and food! The other girls at the event also got a minibus into the city for a girls night out after the event. I was driving and had a long 1hr 45min journey to look forward too instead of a night out.

I got to take part in the RnB yoga session with all my blogger friends, then we ate and many tried the beauty stalls.

 The part I enjoyed most was the Yoga session, even though the area was crowded, so we all nearly kicked each other (some of us accidentally did) it was rather fun, with me and Ffion falling into fits of giggles when we wobbled and in my case face planted the floor when couldn’t hold the position. 

I have tried yoga once before in a class, but I quickly gave up as found it full of much older people, the silence and music was more off-putting to me than relaxing. But I did really like the RnB music playing and the fun atmosphere from the girls in the Yogi Bare session. I hope one day there may be a few classes in Swansea area. Our Instructor was also very skilled and kind, making sure we told her of any ailments and telling us what to do if so. 


*I have chosen to leave out anything to do with Nando’s / other collaborations as I am a vegetarian I found the options extremely limited to salad and rice. I was driving so didn’t sample any alcohol from Ten Mill Lane as was warned was lovely but VERY strong. Also due to the small space and cues, I didn’t get to try any of the beauty treatments although I know Holly and Ffion did try two of the treatments and you can find their posts by clicking their names above*

Have you ever tried Yoga? Would you consider trying it?

Check out Yogi Bare here for their latest deals and props to help the yogi bare in you. ha!

More photos below



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